Hamptons (N.Y.) -- fiction

A Hamptons Christmas

By James Brady

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"Beecher Stowe couldn't be more pleased than to find himself spending that delicious season before Christmas in the Hamptons with the always lovely Lady Alix Dunraven. It's an old-fashioned American village Christmas -- even if the elves include Spielberg's kids!But Beecher and Alix's plans to get to know each other 'out of season' get turned around a bit when a little girl by the name of Susannah Driver arrives on the scene. Skinny and precocious, Susannah is the daughter of Dick and Nicole Driver, who are not so amicably divorced (they may remind one of Donald and Ivana Trump).

"Susannah is mad for Martha Stewart and has concocted a romantic scheme to spend Christmas with her heroine. Little does poor Susannah know that Martha spends her holiday season at her other home in Westport, Connecticut! Beecher and Alix happen upon the sad little girl just as the first snowflakes of winter start to fall. Can anything be done to brighten little Susannah's Christmas?"

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