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The Catch: a Joe Gunther Novel by Archer Mayor

The Catch: a Joe Gunther Novel cover

The Catch: a Joe Gunther Novel (DB 73170) was highly recommended by a patron who loves mysteries.  He said that he really didn't want to stop listening to it until it was done.  Just as a sighted reader cannot put the book down, he couldn't turn his audio book off.  The Joe Gunther series is built around Joe Gunther, the head of the Vermont Bureau of Investigation.  When one of the Vermont state troopers is shot and killed during a routine traffic stop near the Canadian border, the investigative team lead by Joe Gunther is taken to Maine where a drug kingpin has also been murdered. These two murders are interconnected.

Recipes from the Dump

By Abigail Stone

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A single mother living next to a garbage dump in Vermont copes with the stresses of dating, working, and mothering with her own unique recipes, such as Sweet Vacation Pie and Consumer Cry Croissants.

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