Child Abuse -- fiction

True (...Sort of)

By Katherine Hannigan

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For most of her eleven years, Delly has been in trouble without knowing why, until her little brother, R.B., and a strange, silent new friend, Ferris, help her find a way to be good--and happy--again.
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Rules of Survival

Nancy Werlin

Living with an unpredictable, psychotic mother has taught Matthew how to survive. Constantly on alert, he and his sister, Callie, devotedly shelter their younger stepsister, Emmy, from their mother's abuse and worry about staying safe. Matt insists that fear isn't actually a bad thing . . . . It warns you to pay attention, because you're in danger. It tells you to do something, to act, to save yourself, but his terror is palpable in this haunting, powerful portrayal of domestic dysfunction, which is written in retrospect as a letter from Matt to Emmy.

High School

Turtle Baby

By Abigail Padgett

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When San Diego child-abuse investigator Bo Bradley takes on the case of a young baby named Acito, she quickly uncovers a deadly culture clash in which American lifestyles, big money, and hidden passion become intertwined with ancient Mayan beliefs.

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Ruth White

In rural Kentucky in 1955, Serilda Collins, single mother of four lively girls, discovers that her orphaned nephew is being subjected to brutality.

Middle School