Rocks In His Head

By Carol Hurst and James Stevenson (illustrator)

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An affectionate look at the author’s father, whose love of rocks persisted throughout his life, leading him eventually to a janitorial job at his favorite place, the science museum.

Suggested for ages 5 - 9

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What Mommies Do Best, What Daddies Do Best

By Laura Joffe Numeroff and Lynn Munsinger (illustrator)

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From porcupine moms to alligator dads, Munsinger’s expressive illustrations show that loving families have little to do with how we look and lots to do with how we care for one another.

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One Father's Homeschooling Experience

When we were expecting our first child, I started talking with my wife about homeschooling—which I now prefer to call unschooling. She agreed, and we have never regretted it. Raised to be independent learners, both children did well on their college entrance exams and are now away at college.