bioweapons -- fiction

The Kill Box

By Chris Stewart

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"In The Kill Box, Air Force Captain Charlie McKay is chosen to lead one of the most desperate military missions ever: destruction of the biological weapons laboratory hidden deep beneath the Iraqi desert bands. Air Force One, returning from Kuwait, has crashed. All aboard, including the vice-president and former President, are dead, killed not by the crash but by a virus of unknown origin. The threat is immediate, blunt, and terrifying.

"The President vows retaliation, not knowing that Washington D.C., is also targeted for biological destruction. As the clock ticks down to biological Armageddon, all personnel at the giant Air Force Base in Saudi Arabia fall to the deadly virus. And as Captain Charlie McKay leads his strike force of F-15s and B-1 Bombers into the heart of Iraq on a one-in-a-million mission, the fate of the world is hanging in the balance."

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