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Uncle Andy's by James Warhola

Uncle Andy's by James Warhola

Ah, the wacky uncle. He is an institution as old as the concept of family itself. Many can claim to have one, but few can say that his uncle is one of the most important artists of the 20th century. That's where Uncle Andy's, by James Warhola, figures in.

Before Warhol was a painter, a filmmaker, and a celebrity, he was Andrew Warhola. After college, he shortened his name and left his home in Pittsburgh to start an art career in Manhattan. But back in Steel City was Andy's older brother Paul, who worked in a junkyard and was father to seven children, one of whom was our author/illustrator James. Paul used a lot of the trash he found to make sculptures, and if he found something particularly unusual, he would bring it to Andy.

Travel with Your Family: Reunions & Vacations with Grandparents, Grandkids, Siblings, In-laws, and the Rest of the Gang!

By Fodors

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"Beach, city, resort island, or cruise -- find a style to fit the kids, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins in your extended family. Count down to travel with a planning timeline. Arrange group activities, from softball tournaments and city tours to special dinners and rainy-day fun NAIL DOWN THE DETAILS Get discount rates for your group. Travel comfortably and economically, no matter how many people there are on your trip. Choose a rental property or hotel to accommodate your family's needs. Shop for reunion space MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR SPECIAL TIME TOGETHER Go sightseeing, relax, shop, take in a show or a game -- all while bonding with your relatives. Balance family activities and free time. Preserve vacation memories PLUS Real-life stories from travelers like you. Questions and answers. Checklist do's and don'ts. Web sites, addresses, phone numbers."

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