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5 Classic Monster Films in Our Library’s Collection


During the summer’s excitement over the massive, new blockbusters, many older and more unusual films are neglected and ignored. These older monster films, though they lack the digital effects and huge budgets of more modern releases, are classics of their genre, with clever performances and intriguing plots. One day this summer, you may feel compelled to take a trip back in time and see some of these legendary movies for yourself.

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

By Bette Davis, Joan Crawford

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In a decaying Hollywood mansion, Jane Hudson, a former child star, and her sister Blanche, a movie queen forced into retirement after a crippling accident, live in virtual isolation.

Special features: commentary by author and film historian, Charles Busch and film historian John Epperson; three fabulous documentary profiles of the movie and its two immortal stars: Bette and Joan ; "Blind ambition": a new making-of documentary; all about Bette, biographical profile, hosted by Jodie Foster;  film profile: Joan Crawford; vintage featurette "Behind the scenes with 'Baby Jane'";  The Andy Williams Show excerpt featuring Bette Davis.

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Shock Value: How a Few Eccentric Outsiders Gave Us Nightmares, Conquered Hollywood, and Invented Modern Horror

By Jason Zinoman

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"Based on unprecedented access to the genre's major players, New York Times film critic Zinoman delivers the first definitive account of horror's golden age--the 1970s, when such directors as Wes Craven, Roman Polanski, John Carpenter, and Brian De Palma redefined the genre."

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