What You Wish For: A Book for Darfur

Some wishes are traditional – to be the fairest in the land or find a handsome prince. Some are personal – for a family member to get better, to be a doctor, learn the piano, fall in love. Some are never identified as wishes, but are rather the silent longings of the heart. Written by a truly stellar cast of authors with a foreword by Mia Farrow, What You Wish For is a collection of short stories that center on children who wish.

The collection ranges from Meg Cabot’s wry and humorous “The Protectionist” – which starts with the protagonist lamenting that the school bully has taped a note to his sister’s back which reads, Boobies: Get some; to the quietly poignant “Rules for Wishing” by Francisco X. Stork, where a young boy is celebrating his birthday in the foster care system, after his mother gave his sister up for adoption when his father could not control his fists.

You Wish

By Amanda Hubbard

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Sixteen year-old Kayla may have had the worst birthday ever, but she’s just about to see things get a little worse. It all starts with one wish . . . for her birthday wishes to finally start coming true. But, when her first childhood wish arrives – a real-life My Little Pony prancing in her front yard – she realizes that it could end with kissing her best friend’s boyfriend.

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