Me...Jane by Patrick McDonnell

Me...Jane by Patrick McDonnell

It sounds almost too perfect to be true. Famed primate expert Jane Goodall had a stuffed toy chimpanzee as a little girl. She went everywhere with it, and together they explored the mysteries of nature. 

Me...Jane is Patrick McDonnell’s peacefully expressive interpretation of Goodall’s childhood through his art, actual photographs of Jane, and the drawings of her youth. Jane starts out a very curious young girl, studying all sort of animals around her home. That curious nature leads to many answers.

Neighbors to the Birds: A History of Birdwatching in America

By Felton Gibbons

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Felton Gibbons and Deborah Strom trace the history of bird watching in America. This recreational activity has evolved from the practice of shooting as many birds as possible to the contemporary practice of watching and recording the numbers and varieties of our feathered neighbors. The authors introduce the reader to pioneer naturalists Alexander Wilson, John James Audubon and John Muir.

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