Searchable Port Records

Fredericksburg port record information, collected by historian John "Jack" Johnson, is now available for searching and browsing through the CRRL history Web site.

Discover ships and captains making port in this bustling sea town or conduct a general search to get an idea of the commercial activity. For instance, on Christmas Day, 1816, a half dozen ships made port from as far away as Boston, Massachusetts, and as close as Richmond, Virginia, bringing undisclosed cargoes!

Searching the port records can be done by year, ship name, captain name, OR combinations thereof.

I Sailed with Columbus

By Miriam Schlein

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In this fictionalized history, Julio, a twelve-year-old ship's boy, keeps a diary of his time aboard the Santa Maria. He learns to navigate by the stars, measure with knots, and sing songs to pass the time on the long voyage and is there at the Santa Maria's wreck.

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Giant Rat of Sumatra: Or Pirates Galore

By Sid Fleischman

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Twelve-year-old cabin boy Shipwreck only wants to find his way home from San Diego to New England, but first he must face snarling mutineers, barefoot bandits, hairbreadth escapes, duels, cunning barkeeps, simmering revenge, secret identities, scrappy orphans, and more.

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