Believe Write Share

Believe Write Share - I Believe by Marilyn M.

Principle - doctrine, law, tenet, rule, integrity.  Gleaned from Roget's Thesaurus.

The first a commandment...specifically, God's Ten Commandments; which are summed up by Christ..."Love the Lord, your God with all your heart...all your soul...all your mind...Love your neighbor as yourself."  God, first.

Believe Write Share - This I Believe by Abby H.

I believe that being kind can accomplish much more than being mean. Being kind makes you feel good, knowing that others around you are being affected in a good way by your kindness. A kind comment can brighten or cheer up someone else’s day. Being kind to others gives me the satisfaction of knowing my actions helped someone in some way. Being kind not only refers to a kind comment, but it also means kind actions, words, and deeds. Instead of being kind, some people choose to be mean.

Believe Write Share - Indention by Michael A.

Ron hesitated. “To be honest, I’m kind of pissed at God right now” The words came out slow and bitter, but his tone had a shakiness to it that leaked a tender hurt. Some friends and I had stopped on our way home from church and walked to the side rail where the man with a silver pony tail sat waiting for passerby’s to see him and spare some cash. We thought we would stop for him and ask if we could pray for him.

Believe Write Share - I Believe by Kathleen M.

What surprising news! You get word out of the blue that you are going to receive a gorgeous new car, actually a Lamborghini. But soon the surprise turns to shock as you realize that you cannot accept the gift. You have no garage to house this legendary vehicle. Money is so tight you couldn’t even buy gas to put in the tank. What about insurance? Impossible!

Believe Write Share - I Believe by Cindy A.

I was a member of a high school church choir on tour in Arizona, scheduled to sing in a park one August evening. The sky was full of ominous clouds and thunder could be heard in the distance as the first stray drops began to fall. We were less than twenty minutes from “show time” and concerned that we would need to cancel due to rain. The group held hands in a circle.

Believe Write Share - Tolls and Lucky Pennies by Michelle S.

On my way to a stagecraft class my senior year, I fished a bunch of pennies out of my coat pocket and decided to plant them heads-up as we walked over to the facilities building. One on top of the box for the crosswalk button, one on the curb next to a parked car, one right in the middle of the sidewalk, impossible to miss: my own trail of bread crumbs to mark where I’d been for others to find.

Believe Write Share - Intentional Moments by Debbie S.

Intentional moments are the opportunity we create when we take our foot off the gas pedal of life and stop long enough to bat away the shadows that dull our vision. We become purposeful in our actions and can see the life we are living with a more discerning eye.

Believe Write Share - I Believe by Jan B.

I believe that we who call the United States of America are blessed to be able to call this great country our home. I believe that our founding fathers had faith in a benevolent, loving God who, to this very day, continues to bless this nation. I believe that no elected official who serves at the pleasure of the electorate should “ fundamentally “ change the structure of our republic.

Believe Write Share: Good Food is Love by Kathleen L.

Love People. Cook them tasty food, a sign in my kitchen, comes from the Penseys Spices store in Richmond. It reminds me of what preparing good food is really all about.

Believe Write Share: I Believe by Lady G.

I had to dig deep to find what matters to me, these past few years have been the ultimate test in Love, Life Goals, Friendships and Family. Losing two jobs (do to no fault of my own), a love life that was on and off, one sided and non-existent plus the three victims that came in between. O’ yea it took 12 years to realizing the “on and off need to end”(sucker for love, I know). Friendships that I rekindled and hold dear too friendships that never should have been or resurrected (Damn Facebook).