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An Intro to "Geek Music:" Chiptune, Nerdcore, Filk, and Video Game Soundtracks

An Intro to "Geek Music": Chiptune, Nerdcore, Filk, and Video Game Soundtracks

It is such a fantastic time to be a geek. When you think about it, a not insignificant portion of our popular culture has come to embrace geekdom in many forms. And while some in my tribe decry this as the homogenization and dilution of what they snobbishly declare “true” geekdom, I, as a pudgy, pale, balding, aging, once bully-bait bull geek, am quite pleased with how things have turned out.

Brain Jack

By Brian Faulkner

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Sam is a computer hacker in the near future. Online gaming is a dangerous addictive crime and everyone can telepathically surf the web. When a secret team of hackers get their sights on Sam, it leads to a wonderful opportunity, but also a terrifying question: "What happens when the computer starts sending YOU the commands?"

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Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life

By Bryan Lee O'Malley

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The best fighter in Ontario is also kind of a cruddy bassist! Scott must defeat seven of his girlfriend’s evil exes in battle while he maintains a rock n’ roll presence in Toronto. This graphic novel series takes music to a whole new level by providing the lyrics and chord tabs of two songs from our hero’s band Sex Bob-bomb.
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