John Wilkes Booth

John Wilkes Booth and the Civil War

By Steve Otfinoski

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Sets the life story of the man who assassinated Abraham Lincoln against the backdrop of the Civil War.

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The Death of John Wilkes Booth

By Lieutenant Edward Doherty

The Account of the Officer in Charge

On April 24, 1865, Lieutenant Edward Doherty sits on a bench across from the White House conversing with another officer. The arrival of a messenger interrupts the conversation. The messenger carries orders directing Doherty to lead a squad of cavalry to Virginia to search for Booth and Herold. Scouring the countryside around the Rappahoneck River, Doherty is told the two fugitives were last seen at a farm owned by Richard Garrett. Doherty leads his squad to the farm arriving in the early morning hours of April 26.