Kids Can Vote, Too!

Kids can vote too!

Children may not be able to vote in the general election, but from October 6 through November 6, 2012,  nearly 2,000 kids voted at the library and online for their choice of President.

This year's candidates were:

Fly Guy: "Not just your average fly on the wall!"  


Ladybug Girl: "She never flies away when things get hard!"

And the winner is ... Fly Guy!

If you want to help your child learn more about the election process, share Virginia Johnson's wonderful article, "The Presidential Election: How It Works" from our website.

The Presidential Election: How It Works

It takes almost two years from the time the candidates announce they are running to the day that one of them will be sworn into office. Let's take a look at how the winning candidate will get there.

Presidential Elections and Other Cool Facts

By Syl Sobel

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This fun-to-read book for young readers presents the legal requirements for electing a president, as spelled out in the U.S. Constitution. Kids also learn about a variety of other political aspects of the government, and how to get involved.

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First Boy

By Gary D. Schmidt

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Cooper Jewett is 14 when his beloved grandfather dies, leaving him with a dairy farm to look after. Bizarre things happen--big men in black sedans follow him, the farmhouse is ransacked, the barn is set afire, and he even meets the president, who may be his long-lost mother.

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