Virginia authors

The Homecoming

By Earl Hamner

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On Christmas Eve, Clay Spencer has not returned home. His eldest son, Clay-boy, goes looking for him in the snowy Virginia hills. Ladylike bootleggers, a lesson in race relations, and the hazards of nature are all a part of his journey. Earl Hamner's original story launched The Waltons television series. This entry leads to the large print edition, but a regular print edition is available as is The Walton's Homecoming video.

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Into the Lyons' Den

Born on November 28, 1947, in Macon, Georgia, Mary Evelyn Lyons came from a family where reading was a part of everyday life. Her family moved around a lot, and Mary found a way to stay centered was by keeping her nose in a book or even a comic book. She liked to read different kinds of things. She read all the time, but she especially enjoyed "Katy Keene" fashion comics, and the Newbery-winner Hitty, Her First Hundred Years was definitely a favorite. This story of a beloved doll being passed down and loved by generations of girls had much history woven into it—something Mary would learn a lot about as she got older.