The Bride Finder

By Susan Carroll

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Anatole would not have chosen Madeline for his wife, but she was selected by the bride-finder and unless he wants to be cursed, that is who he must marry. Despite their differences, Madeline and Anatole fall in love, until something threatens to tear them apart.

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The Darkness Beneath

The standing stones of Salisbury plain, once a Neolithic gathering place of star watching and blood sacrifice, is eerie enough by moonlight. But something roams the jagged countryside, hiding from the sunlit world.

The Doom Stone by Paul Zindel

It is a great thing to have a truly cool aunt. Think real-world Indiana Jones, and you have Jackson's Aunt Sarah. On any given summer break, she might be found in any part of the world, excavating fossils of long ago hominids. Last spring break it had been Ethiopia. They'd slept in hammocks in the jungle to keep out of reach of the giant rats that prowled below.