The Tea-Olive Bird Watching Society

By Augusta Trobaugh

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"The women of a small town's bird watching society secretly plan to "eliminate" the husband of one of their members in this modern spin on the classic film Arsenic and Old Lace. Founding members of the Tea-Olive Bird Watching Society in tiny Tea-Olive, Georgia, are Beulah, Sweet, Wildwood, and Zion - each named after a hymn. Pillars of the community, seemingly beyond reproach, two of these ladies are nonetheless conspiring to murder retired judge L. Hyson Breed, a newcomer to Tea-Olive. It all begins when the judge tricks Sweet into marriage, steals her land for a development project, and fast-talks his way right onto the town council. By the time Beulah and Zion discover his evil plans - and realize that Sweet has endured personal harm with more to come - the judge is already a permanent fixture in town. Or is he? In a story replete with coconut cake, grits, and poisoned turtle stew, Beulah and Zion attempt to do away with the judge while always remaining unfailing polite."

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