There's Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins

There's Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins

Makani Young is regretting every moment moving to landlocked Nebraska from the stunning vacation shores of Hawaii. Although she does have plenty of baggage to leave behind in her tropical homeland, Makani fears to start over with new friends, new teachers, and even a new love interest, Ollie. 

But, Makani has bigger problems that she and everyone at Osborne High need to worry about ... 

Right before Osborne's big musical production of Sweeney Todd, the lead actress is murdered in her own bed—ironically, with her throat slit, just like one of Sweeney Todd's victims. The killing is swift, almost methodical, with no trace evidence of who the killer could be. In the small little Nebraskan town, the high school student's murder rips the community apart. Unfortunately for Makani, Ollie is one of the prime suspects.  . . . how obvious could it be? Some think it's as obvious as his newly dyed pink hair. Rumor has it, he dyed his hair with the dead student's blood. But, after the trauma she experienced in Hawaii, Makani knows what it's like to be alone. Ollie is just misunderstood. A loner—just like she is. It's what attracts her to him most of all.

Almost as soon as the first murder occurs, a second one follows. Who could the murderer be? Could it be someone Makani knows and is ever-growing close to? As the body count rises, Makani rushes to figure out the senseless killings before she herself is the next victim. 

Popular author Stephanie Perkins (Anna and the French Kiss) brings another exciting teen title to the young adult table with There's Someone Inside Your House. In the echo of television mystery dramas such as MTV's Scream and the CW's Riverdale, Perkins creates terror within a small town which is seen through the eyes of teenagers. The first chapter to There's Someone Inside Your House is chilling, diving into the action immediately, and grabbing Perkins' readers from the start. She also creates an illusion of safety, giving young Makani a false level of comfort while she tries to hastily dissect what's going on around her. As the terror gets closer, Makani is forced to face her own dark secrets, which are heartbreaking and cold as a Nebraska winter.

There's Someone Inside Your House is a classic and brilliant slasher novel that lives up to its name and will have you guessing until the very end. . . there is someone inside your house, waiting in the dark for you.