This Calls for a Drink: The Best Wines & Beers to Pair with Every Situation

This Calls for a Drink: The Best Wines & Beers to Pair with Every Situation by Diane McMartin

What wine goes with your life? What beer should you choose to enjoy the Sunday game with? Or what will you drink when your beloved family invades your house for the holidays? What if you were on a blind date? What about an outdoor concert? Or binge-watching Netflix? 

Diane McMartin has written a book for all these questions: This Calls for a Drink! The Best Wines & Beers to Pair with Every Situation. Of course, any good wine-tasting book can tell you what pairs with your steak and potatoes or fish and vegetables. But McMartin's clever and informative book can tell you the perfect choice for the significant—and not so significant—celebrations in life.

Beginning with the basics, McMartin discusses the mystery behind wine labels and buying spirits, as well as what glassware you should and should not buy ("No Respect: Screwcaps vs Corks"). Then, she separates her suggestions into very creative categories such as "Dating, Mating, Rejection, and Heartbreak," which offers different types of wine for either position: the dumpee or the dumped.

Other categories include: "Just Us Girls," "Growing Up and Getting Older" (if you discover signs of aging, such as gray hair, drink off-dry German Riesling to drown your sorrows), "The Holidays," "Home and Hosting," "Stuck Inside: Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Other Climate Change-Induced Severe Weather," “Music," and “Movies and Television.” For your next Netflix binge? Possibly some Arnot-Roberts Syrah, North Coast.

Complete with funny illustrations, fanciful drink suggestions, and a glossary (“Or, What Are All These Nerds Talking About?"), McMartin has written a unique and fun guide to pairing alcohol with whatever situation you may find yourself in—and no matter how "adult" you may be.