The Way It Used to Be: The Town Hall Before the Fredericksburg Area Museum

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"Be Careful Where You Park: Archeology in Fredericksburg Market Square," by Joshua Duncan. Fredericksburg History and Biography (Volume 1) (2002): 26-39.
This article is about the early history of Town Hall/Market Square and the archaeological excavation of the Square.

Fredericksburg Civil War Sites (Volume Two) by Noel G. Harrison.
This book describes 94 local sites as they appeared on the eve of the war. The Town Hall section begins on page 52.


The History of the City of Fredericksburg, Virginia by S.J. Quinn.
The historical description of the Market-House or Town Hall begins on page 143.


Handbook of Historic Fredericksburg, Virginia by Barbara Pratt Willis.
The authors write about the Town Hall and Market Square on pages 19-20.


Mutual Assurance Insurance Policies, Fredericksburg, VA., 1792-1862.
These fire insurance policies are on buildings in Fredericksburg with descriptions of the number of buildings on the lot, lot location, value, and owner signature.

From the Virginiana Vertical File

Fredericksburg - Lot History - 900 Princess Anne St City Hall/Town Hall

"An Evaluation and Preservation Plan for Fredericksburg Town Hall" by Broune, Eichman, Dalglush and Gilpin. 1983.
This document discusses the early history of the Town Hall, recommendations for its restoration, a program for adaptive use and a construction budget.


"A History of the Market Lot" by Paula Felder. 1983.
The history of the Market lot and the Town Hall are traced from its beginnings to 1816.


Bound Magazines (Virginiana)


"The Fredericksburg Area Museum's Permanent Exhibit Area" by Edwin W. Watson. Fredericksburg Times July 1991: 20-23.
The article's focus is the new permanent exhibit area of the museum and contains brief historical information about the building.


"The Fredericksburg Museum and Cultural Center" by Noel Harrison. Fredericksburg Times June 1988: 68+.
This article about the opening of the museum includes brief historical information about the Town Hall.


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"Church to Give Market Square Burials New Home" by Elizabeth Pezzullo. The Free Lance-Star. Oct. 2, 2002.
Six 18th-century skeletons unearthed behind the Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center are to be reburied at St. George's Episcopal Church on November 1, 2002 (All Saints Day).


"Unearthing the Past" by Laura Hutchinson. The Free Lance-Star. Apr. 21, 2001.
The subject of this article is the history of Market Square and the Town Hall as seen through the archeological excavations.


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Market House/Town Hall
Local historian Robert A. Hodge recounts some entertainments that were held at the old Town Hall during the eighteenth century.
This webliography accompanies the Lunch with History lecture, "The Way It Used to Be," presented by former Fredericksburg City Manager Peter Kolakowsky.