Troubleshooting Databases

The library's online database collection is a group of databases that the library pays for so you can access premium content that is not available via Google or usually anywhere else on the Web. In order to access the databases, you need to be in a library branch or logged into the database with your 14-digit library barcode.

If you are experiencing trouble, please read through these questions, which are designed to help you troubleshoot your access issue.

  • Are you trying to access a subscription database or are you trying to check your account through our catalog?  If you need to enter a PIN, then you are trying to access the catalog, and not a database.
  • If you're trying to access the catalog, is it between 4 – 8 a.m. on Monday morning?  It's down then for routine maintenance. 

In order to access the online databases, you need to enter your 14-digit barcode.

  • Are you entering all 14 digits of your barcode?  It's easy to miss a number.

  • Is the Num Lock key on and Caps Lock key off?  The answer to both must be yes.

  • If you are not entering the information correctly, your error message should read: "That username or password was incorrect. Please try again" If you confirm that you are entering the correct number, please give us a call or email. 

If you are able to get access to other library databases but not a particular one, there could be a few different reasons.

  • The database site could be busy or down; try again in a few minutes.  The site will often work.
  • Have you recently updated your browser? Sometimes updates are "pushed" to your computer and occasionally, they upgrade the security settings. Make sure that your computer is set to allow cookies. (In later versions of Internet Explorer, click on Tools, then Internet Options, then the Advanced tab.   Check under Security to see if the 'accept cookies' option is checked. In Netscape, click on Edit, Preferences, and then Advanced.  Under Scripts and Plug-ins, Read Cookies should be checked.)
  • Do you have a personal firewall or internet privacy software?  Either might be blocking referring URLs; this status will need to be changed to allow referring URLs.  Consult his user guide or online help for his software to change the status.

  • Are pop-up blockers turned off?   This can be tricky as Google and Yahoo toolbars have their own pop-up blockers.  You'll need to allow pop-ups; he can block pop-ups again after he’s done searching the databases.

  • Are you using a browser accelerator?  It could be blocking cookies, javascripts, and only loading the page view from one that was cached earlier.  You should turn it off; you can turn it back on when you're done searching or using the catalog.

  • Has your Internet service provider (ISP) made any changes to their security?  Maybe they are blocking referring URLs? Please contact your ISP. 

  • If you are still experiencing difficulties after checking these things, contact us for help. We will make sure the database is up and running. If it is, and you are still experiencing problems, you will need to troubleshoot with the individual databases's technical support team.