Uniquely Fredericksburg 2015: Accepted Works

Wendy Atwell Vasey:  Five Yards in Fredericksburg
Wendy Atwell Vasey:  Fork it Over Festival: Kids at Play
Carolyn R Beever: Crossing the Rappahannock over & over again
Carolyn R Beever: Hurkamp Park Series Spring Market Day
Carolyn R Beever: New Kid on the Block
Carolyn R Beever: View from the Bridge Summer
Sharon Blancard: Slow Down
Barbara A. Byrd: Playground Picassos
Collette Caprara: City Dock Friends
Eileen Carson: Family Lunch at Goolricks
Marcia Chaves: The Crossing
Mary Lou Cramer: Kenmore Park Swinger
Adam Desio: Downtown Buzz
Sylvia DeVoss: Gaye Adegbalola
Leah Fromer: Morning at the Apothecary Shop
Faith Galliot: Leavin' the Station
Jeremy Gann: Chica
Susan Garnett: Fredericksburg Dog Fair
Randolph Gatling: Inspiration Ed
Alex Grissom: Hyperion's Fall
Maura Harrison: Boundary Embry Power Station
Maura Harrison: Mary's Mantle Saint Mary Church
Maura Harrison: Before the Show Old Silk Mill
Maura Harrison: Rappahannock Rises Old Mill Park. May 1, 2014
Maura Harrison: Whiskey A.Smith Bowman Distillery
Penny Hicks: Downtown in the '90's
Penny Hicks: Technicolor Justice
Gregg E. Holmes: Dale
Donna Hopkins: 2400 Diner
Donna Hopkins: Freshly Cut Burgess Barber Shop
Donna Hopkins: Presciption for the Soul
Becky H. Hubbard: Don't Go In There!
Newell D. Jones: The Mad Hatter
Carol Josefiak: Crossing the Rappahannock
Carol Josefiak: Welcome Home
Carol Josefiak: Wisteria on Washington Avenue
Anne Kadis: In the good hands of Bill at Libertytown
Ed King: Farmers Market
Sarah Lapp: Crossing
David Lovegrove: Leaning Tower of Purina II
Judy E. Lowman: Heading to Hyperion
Kenea Maraffie: Spring Renaissance
Katherine McAskill: 112
Katherine McAskill: Summer House
Lorie McCown: Colorful Cannon
Gregg McCrary: True Blue
Milton McNatt: A Walk in Kenmore Park
Milton McNatt: Wet Porch Screen in Spring
Carrol Morgan: Fredericksburg Rooflines
Saeed Ordoubadi: Dan
Saeed Ordoubadi: Eating Out
Saeed Ordoubadi: Remembrance #4
Penny A. Parrish: Confederate Cemetery
Jim Ramsbotham: Spring Morning Saint George's
Jim Ramsbotham: Spring Morning The Tower
Alice Reed: Little Shop Around the Corner
Casey Alan Shaw: Leaving Fredericksburg
Casey Alan Shaw: UMW Bell Tower
Casey Alan Shaw: Under the Train Station
Elizabeth Shumate: Oh, It's Sophia Street
May Shorten Townley: At River's Bank
Linda Warshaw: Defending Marye's Heights
Laurie Wilson Watkins: Dusk on George Street
Todd Woollam: Coming Home
Todd Woollam: Monday Commute
Todd Woollam: View from My Office