Uniquely Stafford 2017: Accepted Works

Carolyn Beever: In the Shadows of History
Carolyn Beever: By the River - Conway House
Carolyn Beever: To His Glory - Andrew Chapel
Charlotte Burrill: If Catalpa Could Talk
Charlotte Burrill: Nature Charms Us
Toby Chittum: Aqua PO: Gone for Paper Gold
Toby Chittum: The Commercialism of Rt. 17: Asphalt, Steel and Concrete
Ariel Freeman: Watching over Chatham
Susan Garnett: Refuge From The Storm
Susan Garnett: Stafford 11-0
Susan Garnett: Caretaker Cottage-Belmont
Susan Garnett: Falmouth High Road-Low Road  
Randolph Gatling: Morning in Belmont
Rhonda Glover: Sunday Morning at Golgotha Baptist Church
Maura Harrison: Wrought; Belmont
Maura Harrison: Corinne's Dream; Belmont
Maura Harrison: Windows and Crosses (Aquia Episcopal Church)
Sue Henderson: Historian @ Sunset
Sue Henderson: Widewater
Sue Henderson: Melcher's Gardener 
Katana​ Lippart: No Place On Courthouse
Penny Parrish: Golden Days: Sullivan Farm
Penny Parrish: Ferry Farm Rising
Lori Pikkaart: Abel Lake Waterfall
William F. Richardson: Crows Nest Sunset
Annie Schmidt: Trainbridge - Aquia Creek
Anson Smith: A Day at Chatham
Norma Starkweather: Memorial Bench At Porter
Dawn Whitmore: Chatham Manor One
Dawn Whitmore: Chatham in the Center