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Uniquely Fredericksburg 2012 Award Winners

BEST IN SHOW: Lauren Smith - Walk on Caroline Street

We had a great turnout at Headquarters Library for the opening reception of Uniquely Fredericksburg 2012 on Friday, August 3.  Be sure to stop by before the end of September to see the show.

Get a glimpse with these award-winning works, or see these works on Flickr.

See the list of winners below.

Lauren Smith - Walk on Caroline Street

1st place: Shirley Whelan - Lewis Street
2nd place: Carolyn Beever - Reflections on Fredericksburg
3rd place: Maura Harrison - A Chatham Engagement
HM place: Carolyn Beever - Rooftops of Sophia Street

1st place: Jenna Anderson - Dan
2nd place: Stephanie Athanasaw - On the Outside
3rd place: Christine Long - Reflections on the Rappahannock
HM place: Ed King - Self-portrait

1st place: Toy Fowler - Artist Studio
2nd place: Jim Ramsbotham - First Flight: Lafayette Blvd
3rd place: Carter Corbin - World’s Best
HM place: Adam Desio - Deeply Rooted

1st place: Fritzi Newton - Civil War Winter: Slaughter Pen Farm
2nd place: Lee Chochrane - Catalpa
3rd place: Adam Desio - Migration over Embrey Power Station
HM place: Katheringe McAskill - Belmont in Black and White

1st place: Susan Garnett - Farb Monument on Plank Road
2nd place: Barbara Deal - Mother’s Love
3rd place: David Lovegrove - Leaning Tower of Purina Descending a Staircase
HM place: Stephanie Athansaw - Sunset in the ‘Burg