Uniquely Stafford

Uniquely Stafford 2014

Uniquely Stafford is an arts show celebrating works inspired by the Stafford experience, sponsored by the Central Rappahannock Regional Library in partnership with Stafford 350 and the Friends of Chatham. 

England Run Branch: October 1-November 30, 2014

Congratulations to the following prize winners!:

Best in Show: Melcher's Neighbor by Carol Josfiak

Best in Show
Carol Josfiak - Melcher's Neighbor (pictured above)

Computer Generated Art
1st Place: Maura Harrison, Chatham's First Lush
2nd Place: Carolyn R. Beever, Old Homestead, Winding Creek Road     

Drawing/ Printmaking
1st Place: Charlotte Burrill, Noteworthy
2nd Place: Owen Nucci, Government Island Boardwalk
3rd Place: William O'Connor, Buck at Belvedere

Mixed Media
1st Place: Clayton Lippart, Hobby School
2nd Place: Mary Lou Cramer, Mr. Fitzhugh Loved Horses
3rd Place: Cynthia N. Christian, General Burnside's View from Stafford during the Mud March
Honorable Mention: Jason Hopwood, Early
1st Place: Marcia Chaves, Frank Hills Field
2nd Place: Chuck Fromer, Chatham Train Trestle
3rd Place: Tonya Butcher, Leap
Honorable Mention: Beverly J. Hamon, Gold in Stafford    
1st Place: Penny Parish, Chatham Winter
2nd Place: John Bice, Ferry Farm    
3rd Place: Katherine McAskill, Azélie Sits 
Honorable Mention: Alex Grisson, Chatham Pond

Uniquely Chatham Prize: Katherine McAskill, Approaching Pan

List of all accepted works here.

Exhibit Information

Jury & Judge:

Carole Garmon, University of Mary Washington Professor of Art, and Art & Art History Department Chair

Questions & Information:

Michele Brown
540-372-1144 x251

Anna Lowry
540-372-1144 x226

Uniquely Chatham:

The Friends of Chatham are generously offering a $100 award to the work they judge as the best in show representing Chatham Manor, its dependencies, or grounds. Please indicate on the application if your work is also entered for the Uniquely Chatham prize.