UNSUB: A Novel by Meg Gardiner

Unsub: A Novel by Meg Gardiner

Caitlin Hendrix is a young detective on the San Francisco's narcotics task force. For her entire life, she's always been ready for anything that comes her way, including busting dangerous drug houses with infants trapped inside. After encountering a particularly rough drug bust, Caitlin is ready to relax. That is, until she's called to the scene of a brutal crime in the middle of a desolate cornfield.

What she encounters is worse than any illegal drug bust: a double homicide with two victims who have iron nails pounded into their chests to form the shape of the Roman God Mercury's ancient symbol. Caitlin recognizes the symbol almost too quickly—it's the mark of a terrifying unknown 1990s serial killer dubbed "The Prophet" by the media. The relentless killer brought terror down upon the Bay Area in the 1990s and her father, retired police detective Mack Hendrix was the lead in the original case. Due to the horrors inherent in the case, Mack lost all sense of reality, and it tore his family apart.

Now reassigned, Caitlin is determined to clear her father's name within the Bay Area and finish what he started: bringing down The Prophet before he kills again. But, as the body count rises, things get more personal for Caitlin when the killer begins to send her baffling puzzles and targets the people closest to her. Will she be able to solve the fast-paced case and stop the killer before he gets away again?

UNSUB: A Novel, by Meg Gardiner, is based on the true, unsolved crimes of the notorious Zodiac Killer, who operated out of Northern California in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Gardiner uses Zodiac case facts, such as cryptic messages taunting the police force—a specialty of the West Coast murderer. To this day, the Zodiac has never been found, although there have been multiple speculations and suspects. The action Gardiner builds is superb will leave readers hanging on the edge of their seats. With likable characters and a truly terrifying killer, UNSUB is one of the best 2017 summer thrillers.