Until Tuesday by Luis Carlos Montalvan

Until Tuesday

One of my favorite customers called me to tell me that he loved the book Until Tuesday.  I am sure that this story about a veteran spoke to him since he is also a veteran who happens to love dogs. 

Until Tuesday
is the true story of a highly-decorated Iraqi war veteran who returns home as a war hero.  However, Luis Carlos Montalvan has such incredible injuries to his body and his psyche that he cannot cope with everyday life. He hovers on the brink of suicide until he meets Tuesday, a golden retriever who also had an emotionally difficult journey to get to Luis.

The customer mentioned that this is an honest book of reflections about the war in Iraq. Montalvan shares the memories and wisdom of someone who was on the ground there, along with the frustrations dealing with corrupt officials and interfering policies that caused the soldiers to feel estranged from the policy makers who were not risking their lives every day.

Together Luis and Tuesday form an inseparable bond and begin to help each other heal.  Until Tuesday is a wonderfully written story of hope and love and ultimately joy.