Valensteins (a Love Story) by Ethan Long

Valensteins (A Love Story) by Ethan Long

Something strange is in the air . . . and it could just be love.

The members of the Fright Club are planning a frightful scare. It will be a good one—like always. But Fran K. Stein has something (or someone) else on his mind. He's busy making something, and of course, the others want to know what it is.

Pink paper . . . scissors . . . glue . . . in the shape of . . . something. "Are you making a mask? With fangs?" Vladimir asks.

"It looks like a little, rounded bat to me!"

"No, it's a big pink nose!"

"It looks like a paper butt!"

Bunny knew what was going on. "This is a heart, everyone!" she explains. "When you love someone, you cut one of these out and give it to them on Valentine's Day!" Oh no . . . is Fran . . . gulp . . . in love? Eeeekkkk! Ewww, mushy-mush! Ewww, kissing on the LIPS! What can be scarier than LOVE?

Valensteins is Ethan Long's second installment about the Fright Club members. Although the other monsters hate the thought of love, Fran K. Stein knows that it isn't about mushy goo-goo eyes or kissing someone on the lips. Love is about something you feel in your real heart, not a paper heart. Even the scariest monsters can be in love. Don't miss this frightful yet adorable story!

Valensteins supports out Grow a Reader principles of narrative skills and vocabulary