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Keep Cool with Water Games

Whether you’ve got a pool nearby or just a yard and a hose, you can have fun staying cool in the sun with outdoor water games.

Depending on the game you pick, you may also want to have buckets, sponges, water balloons, and maybe even a watermelon. Water games are a great way to end a long day outside or to make into the center of a summertime party. You can also take some games and turn them into a water-based Olympics.
Water Games Check List:

-Water (to play with)

-Water (to drink)


-Sunscreen—yes, the waterproof kindWater Games

-Clothes which are okay to get wet

-Water shoes or old running shoes if you’ll be playing over rough ground

Make an Easy Water Slide
Number of Players: 2 or more
What You Need: shower curtain or plastic drop cloth, sprinkler
Where to Play: in the yard
The Point: go sliding on a summer day
What You Do 
  • Pick out an area in the yard where you want your water slide to be. You can do it on a flat area or going down a hill.
  • Clear the area of any debris, especially rocks and sticks, so that nothing can poke a hole in your water slide (or you). Lay down the shower curtain or drop cloth.
  • Put the sprinkler at one end of the slide and turn it on so that it continuously wets the curtain. (If you’re going downhill, make sure it’s at the top.)
  • Line up and take turns running through the grass, leaping onto the water slide, and sliding across it. 
Mom’s Note: Make sure you turn off the water when you are done. : )
Game Ideas from the Library’s Shelves
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Lots of fun water games including Water Slide Bowling, Water Slide, Water Brigade, Water Hoops, Water Limbo, Sponge Tag, Water Relay Race, and Catch a Sponge. If you have access to a pool, try Watermelon Ball, Water Volleyball, Underwater Tag, Tunnel Swimming Race, Still Pond, Sharks and Jets, Shark and Minnows, Marco Polo, or Killer Whale,
A day at the beach can be a lot more fun if there are games to play. Check out this book for beach-time fun.
Online Sources
Water Limbo, Musical Sprinkler Freeze, Water Balloon Volleyball, Splash Tag, Foot Freeze, and more. Also check out their Wet-n-Wild Child Party Ideas.
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