Welcome to Your Awesome Robot by Viviane Schwarz

Welcome to Your Awesome Robot by Viviane Schwarz

Welcome to Your Awesome Robot, by Viviane Schwarz, is part comic, part how-to guide, and all around a hilarious way to use your imagination to make something cool. It follows the story of a child who receives a cardboard box with the title phrase written across it.

From there, we explore the fun and logistics of making your own personal robot costume. The book explains the materials you need, tasks that might require adult assistance, and potential hazards to be aware of during your robot's construction. With this guide, your imagination is your only limit.

For example, there is a section that focuses entirely on vision, also known as creating eye holes, so you can see out of your costume. The child in the comic gives the robot two eyes, but I love the fact that the book suggests a cyclops design as well.

Labels help to give your creation a personal flair. I was particularly taken with the delightful warning: "Stand Back: This is a Dancing Robot!"

There are many other sections and suggestions for making your robot as awesome as possible. The book is a perfect fit for young proponents of maker culture and technology or just anyone who wants to crawl inside a cardboard box and pretend to be mechanical. Let the robot uprising begin!