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Where We Belong by Emily Giffin

Where We Belong by Emily Giffin

Marian Caldwell has it all. She’s the producer of a critically-acclaimed TV show. She’s deeply in love with Peter (a powerful player in the entertainment world), who also happens to reciprocate her feelings. She’s gorgeous, lives in a penthouse with stunning views of NYC and never thinks twice about dropping big bucks for haute couture. But in Emily Giffin’s latest novel, Where We Belong, Marion is harboring a secret she’s kept for eighteen years.

One evening after a disagreement with Peter about taking their relationship to the next level, Marian buzzes up a visitor. She’s certain her love has come to apologize for his insensitivity. Much to her amazement, the person standing in her foyer is not Peter, but a petite girl who introduces herself as Kirby Rose. In that second, Marion knows her life will never be the same…a fact that’s confirmed when the girl finally says, “I think you’re my mother.”

Kirby’s adoptive parents are both loving and caring, but her teenage angst has driven a wedge between mother, father and daughter. And Kirby is certain that finding her birth parents will fill a void that seems to be growing larger by the day. Unbeknownst to anyone but her closest friend, the girl’s pilgrimage begins when she boards a bus to locate her mother in the Big Apple.

With the arrival of Kirby, Marian is uncertain if she’s ready to face the reality of having an eighteen-year-old daughter. Although she agrees to answer some of Kirby’s questions, she instead,prefers to fill their time together with sightseeing and shopping. And, much to her daughter’s chagrin, the two dance around the all-important question of who exactly is Kirby’s father.

As expected, there are missteps by both mother and daughter as they try to find a place in each others’ lives. Kirby must gauge just how far she can push Marian for answers, and Marian begins to question if everything she’s worked so hard for has actually brought her true happiness.