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White Cat by Holly Black

White Cat by Holly Black

Cassel Sharpe, wearing only his underwear, awakes to find himself slowly slipping off the icy roof of his school dorm. He’s clueless about what landed him in such a precarious position (with certain death below) and is equally unsure about navigating his way back safely. Thus begins White Cat, the first book in The Curse Workers series, by Holly Black.

Cassel comes from a family of workers, a worker being someone—who with the slightest touch of a fingertip—has the power to place spells, change memories, or even kill. Although his grandfather, mother and brothers each possess one of the above-mentioned skills, Cassel appears to have been skipped when the special talents were being passed out. He tries to live a normal life away from the family madness by attending school at Wallingford.

But now Cassel’s sleepwalking has resulted in a temporary expulsion and his life is anything BUT normal. There’s the haunting memory of finding himself at age fourteen, covered with blood and standing over the lifeless body of his best friend Lila. And what gives with the strange cat following him through his dreams into his waking life? If that weren’t enough, Cassel’s begun to doubt if he can trust his own brothers.

Hold on tight as White Cat takes you on a roller coaster of a ride!