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White Heat by M. J. McGrath

White Heat by M. J. McGrath

White Heat, an intriguing and well-researched book about life on an island near the cold, cold, cold Arctic Circle, has been a real treat this summer for this reader who doesn’t like enduring 100-degree temperatures. Thank you, M. J. McGrath! I appreciated the icy coolness and the great story.

The star of this excellently-plotted mystery is Edie Kiglaluk, a divorced, recovering alcoholic who hires out as a hunting guide to those from the “south” who want the experience of roughing it in a tough terrain. Edie is a tenacious young Inuit woman who just can’t seem to be a go-along sort of person in her community. Her closest friend is her stepson, Joe.

She’s a rebel and a very smart one.  In the course of this novel it is Edie who solves the murders and all the mysterious events taking place, from the Russians to mysterious rocks.  She takes risks that no one else seems able to do, even police Sergeant Derek Palliser.

Aside from some of the unappetizing local food that Edie seems to adore, I found everything about this novel enjoyable, exciting, and enlightening.