Wicked Deeds by Heather Graham

Wicked Deeds by Heather Graham

The last time we saw historian Vickie Preston and Special Agent Griffin Pryce, they were solving a series of murders in the Boston area (Dying Breath & Dark Rites) with the FBI's paranormal team, the Krewe of Hunters. After the wrap-up of these cases, Vickie and Griffin are eager to begin their new life together in Virginia.

Now comes their next baffling case in Wicked Deeds, involving none other than the Master of Horror himself . . . Edgar Allan Poe.

Although Vickie loves being a Boston historian, she is looking to pursue a career with the Krewe of Hunters. The team is just as excited to accept her as a new addition, knowing her psychic powers will be of great use. Before they make their way to their new home in Virginia, Vickie knows Griffin wants to celebrate her acceptance to the FBI Academy. Preparing a romantic weekend together has been difficult for the couple lately, but Griffin takes Vickie out to try a new and bookish restaurant in Baltimore, called the Black Bird, whose theme honors Edgar Allan Poe.  

That evening in their hotel room, Vickie has an unusual, realistic dream involving Poe and his unfortunate demise in the city. Just when the figure of Poe turns to her in the dream, trying to convince her that not all is what it seems to be . . . she awakes. What could he be trying to tell her? At the same time, Griffin accepts a phone call, explaining he needs to investigate a mysterious death in Baltimore that occurred the night before. Because of the strange circumstances surrounding the corpse, the Krewe of Hunters has been called in.

The corpse? A Baltimore native and author. The place? The basement of the Black Bird restaurant.

The murder occurred only hours after Vickie and Griffin had left, and the Black Bird had closed up. Although it seems as if the victim drank himself to death in the restaurant's wine cellar, he's a recovering alcoholic and has been sober for years. To make the circumstances even more bizarre, his death is so similar to Edgar Allan Poe's short story "The Cask of Amontillado," that the writer's ghost shows up to help Vickie and Griffin solve the case. 

Wicked Deeds is the twenty-third novel in Heather Graham's popular Krew of Hunter series. Fans of previous titles will embrace Graham's blend of suspense, mystery, historical figures, and romance. Any fan of Edgar Allan Poe will greatly appreciate the numerous nods to his work she includes throughout the novel, along with his fictionalized dark humor and Southern charm. Read Wicked Deeds to find out who is trying to bring Poe's terrifying works to life!