Winter Reading Challenge: Don’t Stop Now

Winter Reading Challenge Mission Badge

Whether you’ve been with us since January 1 or are just now thinking about joining the Winter Reading Challenge for adults, we want to remind you that there is so much to explore.

Fun Missions. Entirely Possible.

You can add the Arts v. Apocalypse and Romance on the Big Screen badges to your completed missions list by streaming romantic films, listening to a bestselling author, playing around in the Shakespeare Video Booth, and more.

If you are a history fan, our African American History and Women’s History missions will guide you to discovering the too often untold stories of people who were important in America’s past.

Keep Track of Your Reads

Don’t forget about logging your books! It’s a great self-motivator and, while supplies last, a clever way to earn a special coffee mug.

Sign up, or log in for Books on the Big Screen: Adult Winter Reading Challenge today!