Wise Consumer Health Month

February was Wise Consumer Health Month - but being wise about your health is a daily exercise. This national health observance, created by the American Institute for Preventive Medicine, encourages people to take an active role in their health. The Institute's goal is to see people become wise about their health and take steps to prevent disease for themselves and their families.

Some tips for promoting good health are:

· Choosing a good health care provider and learning how to communicate with him/her
· Including moderate exercise each week
· Eating a nutritious and balanced diet
· Learning to reduce or better handle stress
· Avoiding substance abuse and other addictive behaviors

Your health care provider can provide you with strategies for improving your health and for preventing more serious conditions. Talk with them and check out the following resources for more ideas for being a wise health consumer.

In the Library

100 Simple Secrets of Healthy People by David Niven 
From fitness to diets to emotional health and longevity, what are the essential qualities of living a healthy life?

The Daily Fix by Alexa Fishback 
Nutritionist Alexa Fishback distills the fundamentals of good nutrition into 12 distinct, easy-to-adopt daily habits targeting “trouble zones” in which women tend to make unhealthy food choices, and includes on-the-spot strategies for staying on track.

Health and Wellness Resource Center
You will need your library card to use this database from outside the library, but be sure to take advantage of this rich resource.

On the Web

Questions are the Answer
The Association for Healthcare Research and Quality gives you tips for communicating well with your healthcare provider and helps you create a list of questions to ask when you visit.

Understanding Medical Words
This interactive tutorial from the National Librar of Medicine will help you understand some of the complex and confusing medical terms you may encounter.

The National Library of Medicine will help you find basic information on many health conditions and their treatments. The site is also available in other languages, including Spanish, and can help you find local healthcare providers.