Wonderfall by Michael Hall

Wonderfall by Michael Hall

“In this book
you will discover

1 colorful tree
2 scurrying squirrels
and 15 blended words
created to celebrate
the wonder of fall!”
-Book flap

Michael Hall, author of Frankencrayon and Perfect Square, brings a new addition to his fun-filled works of children's literature with Wonderfall.

Each page introduces blended words, such as “Peacefall,” “Pletifall," and "FrightFall.” Hall walks his readers through each stage of a changing autumn tree, along with its inhabitants and their constant seasonal activity. While two squirrels collect their nuts for the winter, other wildlife gathers to celebrate the changing season, including geese for Thanksgiving, foxes for a windy day, and racoons with pumpkin pie. Wonderfall concludes with the first “snowfall” of winter.

Michael Hall includes helpful information for curious young readers, such as a selection titled “Getting Ready for Winter,” which explains how each animal featured in the book prepares for the cold months ahead.

Wonderfall is a beautiful and smartly stylized collection of blended vocabulary, along with original and colorful artwork. This book is a must-have for the changing seasons ahead!