3D Scanner Badging

What is a 3D Scanner?

A 3D scanner creates a 3D model. Each 3D model consists of a point cloud of geometric samples on the surface of the subject. These points are used to reconstruct the subject. A single scan does not produce the complete model of the subject, but instead, multiple scans from many different directions in the machine, obtaining information about all sides of the subject. Learn the basic functions of our MakerBot Digitizer Scanner and scan an object multiple times, turning it into a 3D printable file. Sign up now to earn the 3D Scanner badge.

To earn the badge, you must:

Earning the 3D scanner badge allows you to reserve the 3D scanner to build your own projects in the MakerLab. In exchange for use of the machine in the lab, you also agree to also share information about your project with curious customers. 

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