5 Hot New Titles for June 2019

Check out these five popular adult titles that hit the shelves in June. To see more titles, including new titles in popular series, check out the booklist New June '19 Books You'll Want to Read and our new titles page.

Named one of the "Most Anticipated" books of 2019 by Oprah, Buzzfeed, and more: City of Girls, by Elizabeth Gilbert.

In 1940, Vivian Morris has just been kicked out of Vassar College due to her disappointing freshmen year performance. She's sent to live in Manhattan with Aunt Peg, who owns a crumbling theater called the Lily Playhouse. There, Vivan is introduced to a number of characters: haughty showgirls, a sexy male actor, a grand-dame actress, a lady-killer writer, and a no-nonsense stage manager. But when she makes a mistake that results in a scandal, Vivian's world is turned upside down, leading her to an understanding of the life she ultimately desires.

From the author of Dark Matter and Wayward Pines comes a thriller about identity and memory: Recursion, by Blake Crouch.

A mysterious phenomenon is occurring throughout society, and New York City cop Barry Sutton is investigating the victims driven mad by memories of lives they never lived. Neuroscientist Helena Smith understands the power of memory, which is why she's dedicated to creating technology that will let us preserve our memories of the past. As Barry searches for the truth, he comes face-to-face with a danger that's more terrifying than the results - this false memory force attacks the very fabric of the past. As the false memory syndrome begins to unmake reality, only Barry, with help from Helena, will stand a chance at defeating it. 

The perfect home, the perfect family, the perfect lie in an upscale Southern California community in The Favorite Daughter, by Kaira Sturdivant Rouda.

Jane Harris barely leaves her sparkling oceanfront home in Southern California since her oldest daughter Mary died in a tragic accident. But it's time for Jane to reclaim her life and her family. Jane's husband David plans a memorial service one year to the day Mary died, and their youngest daughter Betsy graduates high school in the same weekend. But, as she emerges from her anti-depressant haze, Jane realizes her family has changed without her. David has long days - and long nights - at the office. Betsy seems distant like she's hiding something. And someone knows something more about Mary - and her last day on Earth - than they've revealed. The bonds between a family should never be broken - but how far can someone go to keep a family together?

A brand-new romantic comedy from a New York Times bestselling author: Fix Her Up, by Tessa Bailey.

Georgette "Georgie" Castle's family owns the best renovation business in town, but she hasn't taken it seriously for a while. She's over the business and determined to fix herself up with a new business, a new wardrobe, a new look, and . . . a new crush? Georgie has never been on a date. She's always crushed on Travis Ford, best friend of her brother, resident ex-sport star - and tabloid favorite. He was a Major League Baseball rookie when an injury ended his career, leading him to flipping houses. When Georgie approaches Travis with a wild idea - pretend to date to shock her family and help him acquire a new job - he agrees. But the girl he used to tease is now a woman, and there are feelings there he's never felt before.

Everyone has something to hide in Those Peopleby Louise Candlish.

Lowland Way is the suburban dream, filled with beautiful houses, wonderful and loving neighbors, and all the kids playing together on weekends. But when Darren and Jodie move into the house on the corner, they don't follow the rules of the neighborhood - blasting music at all hours, beginning a hideous renovation, and running a used car business from their front yard. Early one Saturday, a horrific death shocks the neighborhood, and accusations start flying - and everyone has something to hide.