Listen Up! It’s Audiobook Month

This June, we’re celebrating Audiobook Month by stocking up on new eAudio titles in our eReading (and listening!) rooms so you can have an excellent selection from which to choose. Whether you’re heading to the beach, the mountains, or Grandma’s house, we’ve got your solution for long drives, airport delays, and the need to chill—wherever you land.

Getting out of town, not in the cards? Your daily routine can be so much better when you’re wrapped up in a mystery, a romance, or an adventure in another world.  

If novels aren’t your thing, we also have a number of non-fiction books in our eAudio collections for you to try. Our Great Courses mini-collection is your ticket to learning. Great teachers delve into intriguing subjects. Appropriate for high school age on up, the Great Courses can expand your mind, without requiring tuition or a student i.d. - just your library card.

Our Audiobook Offerings

We are always adding new audiobooks to our collection, in both physical and downloadable formats. 

Keep track of what's new:

Our eAudio Providers

OverDrive has over 3,400 popular eAudio titles. OverDrive has separate “reading rooms” for adults, teens, and children to browse. Check out up to 10 at a time. If you love our OverDrive collection, you'll really love the Libby app, freely available for most devices. It makes managing your OverDrive eAudio books a breeze. 

RBDigital Audio features titles for adults, teens, and children. The maximum number of check-outs at one time is 10.

All of these vendors also have apps for you to listen to eAudio on the go. You can find more information on our eAudio and eBook collections here.

So Many Audiobooks . . .

Let us help you find just the right audiobooks to make your summer fantastic. Our My Librarian service lets you ask for recommendations based on what you already like. My Librarian Rachel Plachetti has some suggestions ready for you with her list, Audiobooks for SummerHappy Listening!