Stream 5 Fine and Fiery Romantic Films with Kanopy

Love is in the air, and these Kanopy streaming videos capture it on film. Watch the YouTube trailers or clips below, and make a date with a romantic classic

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His Girl Friday

Is your ideal mate a snappy dresser who's even snappier with the patter? His Girl Friday is the classic silver screen screwball comedy, starring Cary Grant as newspaper editor Walter Burns and Rosalind Russell as Hildy, his ex-wife and still-star reporter - at least until she ties the knot with her sincere wet-blanket of a fiancé. When a major story breaks on the eve of her wedding, Hildy is drawn back into the scintillating world of hot type, police sirens, and her hot-and-cold relationship with Walter. His Girl Friday consistently makes the list of best classic comedy films.

Dark Journey

The wartime thriller Dark Journey was released in 1937 and takes place in the middle of the First World War. It's entirely the wrong setting for two people to fall in love - particularly when they are on opposite sides. A Swiss dress shop owner named Madeleine Goddard (Vivien Leigh, later star of Gone with the Wind) is apparently spying for the Germans, cleverly delivering Allied troop movements to her superiors by concealing it in dress boxes. But, in actuality, Madeleine is a double-agent for the French, and it is her mission to find out who is the new German spymaster in Stockholm. How very unfortunate that he seems to be the dashing Baron Karl Von Marwitz (Conrad Veidt). In love despite their disparate loyalties, what will happen when the truth comes out?

The African Queen

The chemistry between "Bogart & Bacall" was incendiary, the stuff of Hollywood legend. But for sheer entertainment, it's hard to do better than Bogart & Hepburn. This time Bogart is not a film noir gumshoe, worn and wise, who becomes the love interest of a young star brimming with sex appeal. As an "old maid" missionary school teacher in Africa, Rose Sayer (Katherine Hepburn) has very proper ideas about the way the world should work, and Charlie Allnut (Humphrey Bogart), the coarse-mannered boat captain of The African Queen, is far from her idea of a gentlemanly suitor. But when fleeing what has become a war zone, it matters little which fork a man knows to use at a formal dinner as long as he knows which fork to take in the river. They discover surprising strength and tenderness in each other as they struggle to survive.

Romeo and Juliet

This is the Zeffirelli version of the Shakespeare favorite that set the mark for every modern version. Seventeen-year-old Leonard Whiting and 16-year-old Olivia Hussey bring freshness and convincing passion to their roles as Romeo and Juliet, and the fervent joy and ultimate despair of their doomed love feel immediate and accessible. 

Lady Jane

A young, pre-Princess Bride Cary Elwes and Helena Bonham Carter (Harry Potter, A Room with a View) star in this historical romance based on the "nine days reign" of Lady Jane Grey. When Edward VI (son of Henry VIII) died, he left a will declaring his half-sisters Mary and Elizabeth illegitimate and passed the crown to his cousin, teenager Lady Jane Grey (Helena Bonham Carter). She was ordered to marry Lord Guildford Dudley (Elwes) - who was far from keen on the idea himself - at least at first.