Join “The Great American Read”

Harry PotterAtlas ShruggedThe Book ThiefBeloved - Charlotte's Web - A Game of ThronesGone Girl. Different as they are, these books and 93 more have something in common. They made The Great American Read’s list of 100 favorite novels.

This summer, why not join the thousands of people who will be taking part in PBS’ The Great American Read? Beginning May 22, this eight-part series, hosted by Meredith Vieira, will explore common themes in America’s best-loved novels. Who decided these were the nation’s best-loved novels? As you might expect, a national survey was involved. PBS’ website explains in more detail how the books were chosen and their hopes for this project.

You can see the list of the favored 100 here. Take the quiz to test yourself on how many you have read and to discover others you might like to read in the future.

All 100 titles are available at the CRRL, in printeBooks, and many also in eAudio. Starting June 1, look for The Great American Read mission as part of CRRL’s Summer Reading experience.

Which of these 100 favorites will be declared the favorite American novel? You get to help decide when nationwide voting begins on May 22, the night of the first broadcast.