My Librarian: Christine C.

My life with books began early,  not surprisingly. My family was dedicated to them in many ways. I grew up with a big sister who read at an early age, no TV in the house, and a stay-at-home dad who took us on errands everywhere. We quickly learned to bring a stack of books anytime we hopped in the car! Even my mother, who would come home late from work, always made time to read each of us our own bedtime story.

In my tiny hometown, it was safe for us to walk and bike around alone. When my dad became a library trustee, we not only spent time there with him, but also hours there by ourselves. I would come home throughout the summer with a backpack full of books, read away the hot afternoon, and then head back the very next day for more. It goes without saying that I competed with myself to read as many books as possible for the Summer Reading Club! Every time we had Career Day at school, I wrote about my dream of becoming a librarian.

Fast-forward a couple decades. After teaching nine years of kindergarten, I earned my master's in library science, falling in love with young adult literature. Now, I truly have my dream job—as a young adult librarian with the CRRL! I do so many things—teach technology, assist with school research, discuss books in clubs, advocate for teens, and plan cool teen events—but finding just the right book for a person or seeing someone walk away with a stack of books I recommended (and coming back again!) is the most heart-warming part about my day—cue the violins!

I read mostly young adult (YA) literature, with a heavy leaning towards realistic fiction, dystopian sci-fi, and novels in verse, but I can suggest a YA title for ANY genre! I also enjoy children’s books, audio books, cookbooks (healthy living and vegan/vegetarian), outdoor living, biographies, and crafts/art. Ask, and you shall receive!

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