Nonfiction for People Who Hate Nonfiction

Confession time: I avoid nonfiction reading like it’s the plague. Poems and graphic novels—that’s as far as my nonfiction interest goes. The second a friend suggests a biography, I start coming up with reasons why I can't possibly fit another book in my To Be Read pile. Every now and then, though, I find a book so engaging it makes me rethink my stance on nonfiction.

So, whether you already think the truth is better than fiction, or you’re a nonfiction avoider looking to change up your reading routine, try one of these titles. From the sordid secrets of the Romantic poets to comics letting you know why adulting is overrated, these stories might just leave you looking for more nonfiction.

CRRL My Librarian: Nonfiction for People Who Hate Nonfiction

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of a cult classic.

Discover the science, secrecy, and spying behind the atom bomb.

When the leaders of Denmark chose to give in to Hitler instead of fighting, a group of teenagers took matters into their own hands.

An account of the pilots who made history as the first people to round the globe via airplane.

Learn how the Biblical story of Ruth can impact your own life.

Following the same format as his popular blog, Stanton presents photos and stories shared by people all over New York.

Based on her popular and hilarious webcomic, this book follows Brosh's daily adventures, from trying to convince her dogs not to eat bees to childhood attempts at cake acquisition to dealing with depression and facing the fact that adulthood is hard.

Follows Chris McCandless as he travels across America in search of increasingly more wild places, until his eventual death in Alaska.

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