Accepted Artwork for Uniquely Fredericksburg 2018

Congratulations to the accepted artists! Accepted work can be delivered to Fredericksburg Branch on Monday, September 24, 9:00-9:00 or Tuesday, September 25, 9:00-9:00. You will deliver the art to Meeting Room 3 in the Lower Level. Please ask for the key to Meeting Room 3 from the Customer Service desk in the lobby. If you have any questions, email Anna Lowry at

Awards will be announced at the Uniquely Fredericksburg Opening Reception: First Friday, October 5, 6:00-8:00 in the Fredericksburg Branch theater. Reception and prizes generously donated by The Friends of the Library.

Wendy Atwell-Vasey: Kenmore Garden in the Morning
Wendy Atwell-Vasey: Rappahannock Fisherman
Wendy Atwell-Vasey: Roof with Crepe Myrtles, Washington Avenue
Rebecca Blackwell: Weather Permitting
Nancy Brittle: Goolrick’s
Barbara Byrd:  World's Best Hot Dog
Eileen Carson: Best Friends Meet at Eileen's Bakery and Cafe
Lizabeth Castellano-King: Crab Pot Buoys
Delana Chandler: Kybecca Terrace at Night
Delana Chandler: Lily at Mason Dixon
Marcia Chaves: Pleasure Island
Marcia Chaves: The Great Railroad Bridge.
Iris Cheatham: Stone Wall at Sunken Rd.
Toby Patricia Chittum: St. George’s Episcopal Church, Est 1720
Lee Cochrane: Darbytown Door Detail
Lee Cochrane: Mirror Finish
Sophia Constantine: "Looking Back...Constantly Moving Forward" Mr. Rowe/FreeLance Star
Sophia Constantine: "musician, Activist, Teacher" Uniquely ours Gaye Adegbalola
Mary Lou Cramer: Dozing on Caroline
Crystal Donnelly: recollection
Megan Flood: A Trip Downtown
Leah Fromer: Bridge over the Rappahannock
Chuck Fromer: Corner Market
Jennifer Galvin: Fredericksburg Train Bridge
Jennifer Galvin: Historic Court House
Susan Garnett: Corroded Cylinders and Cubes on Caroline Street
Rhonda R Glover: Mr. Allen the bricklayer
Rhonda R Glover: October Afternoon
Kelsey Goodson: The Magical Cat of Mason Violin Shop
Alex Grissom: A Barn's Demise
Brian Harkless: Abraham
Maura Harrison: Monstrance, Miller Farms Market
Maura Harrison: Refuge, St. Jude Catholic Church
Maura Harrison: River Adventures
Maura Harrison: Rt. 3 Sunset with Disguised Cell Tower
Steve Hilker: Winter's Coming
Ed King: Karen and Tim at Hurkamp Park
Ed King: Pals
Ed King: Roxbury Mills
Kevin Klumpp: First Day
Marion Kolson: Brompton
Marion Kolson: Fredericksburg courthouse
Marion Kolson: Mary Washington House
Judy Lowman: Headed into Hyperion
Katherine McAskill: Fair Play
Lorie McCown: Ghosts of Fredericksburg
Lorie McCown: Mary Ball Washington
C. Milton McNatt: Clematis Blue
C. Milton McNatt: Frosty Golden Ginkgo
C. Milton McNatt: Memorial Day
C. Milton McNatt: Misty Blue Dawn by the River
C. Milton McNatt: National Cemetery in the Afternoon
C. Milton McNatt: Potomac Dawn
Brandon Newton: One more night
Penny Parrish: Autumn Storm Railroad Bridge
Penny Parrish: Johnny Johnson Celebration:  Mrs. J
Penny Parrish: Johnny Johnson Celebration:  The Girls
Penny Parrish: Red Bench, City Dock
Penny Parrish: UMW Backstage Floor
Kay Portmess: Flowing Freely through Fredericksburg
Paula Raudenbush: Parking Lot Petunias, 916 Liberty Street
Nicole Rhodes: Glow
Nicole Rhodes: Patriotic Rock
Nicole Rhodes Traditions
Sally Rhone-Kubarek: Re-enactment
Sally Rhone-Kubarek: Rebuilding the Past
Sally Rhone-Kubarek: Reflection of Christmas Past
Sally Rhone-Kubarek: Store Fronts
Anson Smith: Where William Met A Princess
Theodor Tweeddale: Family of Cows at Braehead Farm
Laurie Watkins: Cruising to Carl's
Laurie Watkins: Memorial Day Luminaria
Dawn Whitmore: Fredericksburg's Via Colori
Kathleen Willingham: At Alum Springs Park