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Program: Discover Your Roots: Genealogy at CRRL

Discover Your Roots

Getting and Using Your Library of Congress Reader Card

Read on to find out how you can get your Library of Congress Reader Card and what you can do with it.

Get a Card and an Online Account for the Library of Virginia

The sign-up process to get a Library of Virginia library card or online account is different from ours, but it's worth it!

The Virginiana Room

The Virginiana Room provides resources for genealogists and those interested in local history.

New in Virginiana

These are relatively new books on local and state history, most of which can be checked out by our customers.


Our genealogy page connects you to great online resources - and our experts in the Virginiana Room who can help guide your search.

Shiloh Cemetery Graves

"...a list of people buried in an all black cemetery in the City of Fredericksburg at the corner of Monument Avenue and Littlepage Street."

Getting Started in Genealogy

These books will give you a good grounding as you begin the search for your family's past.

Special Topics in Genealogy

Once you've mastered the basics, these books will guide you as you research particular populations or kinds of records in more depth.

A Checklist for Genealogical Neophytes

Want to start researching your family history? Complete this helpful checklist before you begin!

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