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Horror Fiction & Their Movies

A few selections of popular horror fiction, paired with their movie adaption.

Notable Diverse Scares

From historical horror to modern terror, these books and movies by diverse authors and directors will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Slashers & the Splatterpunk Subgenre

These books & films suggestions offer the Slasher/Splatterpunk writing and film style. Viewer & reader discretion is advised.

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New Movies & TV for Children

New Movies & TV for Children

New on Kanopy

Kanopy: Streaming Video


Kanopy Streaming Video

Choose from more than 30,000 films, including acclaimed movies and documentaries, film festival favorites, world cinema, and much more.

Kanopy Kids Streaming Video

Stream videos from a curated selection of educational and enriching videos on Kanopy Kids with appropriate, age-based ratings.

Just For Kids Access Video

Just for Kids, by Infobase, provides access to over 11,000 streaming videos for children.
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