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My interest in books and libraries began as a child. I frequently visited the library with my grandmother to participate in the summer reading program. We would check out as many books as we could carry, read them, and then we would return for more. Sometimes, we would make multiple trips to the library in one day. My parents also cleverly placed a bookshelf across from my bedroom door so that every time I walked out of my bedroom, I was able to walk into my own little library!

In elementary school, one of my favorite books was Captain Underpants. Later in my teenage years, I enjoyed quite a few Lurlene McDaniel books. During college, I discovered a love of nonfiction, memoirs, and audiobooks. Later, I pursued an internship at the Fredericksburg Branch and that’s when I truly started to understand the importance of libraries. I spent some time teaching in local school systems before getting my dream job as a public librarian.

My hobbies include running, reading, and writing. I enjoy reading books about health and wellness, personal development, psychology, sociology, social issues, realistic fiction, cookbooks, travel, romance, multicultural, and Americana.

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