My Librarian: Annie

My Librarian: Meet Annie

Recommends: Realistic Teen Fiction, LGBTQ Fiction & Nonfiction, and Teen Dystopia

About Annie

Like most librarians, I really enjoyed reading as a kid. I was (and still am) interested in pretty much everything, and the library was a great place to explore. But when I went to middle school, reading wasn’t just fun, it was necessary. I was a scrawny, queer, anxiety-ridden little train-wreck, and when I started turned 11 and went to a new school (that definitely was not Hogwarts), I didn’t know anyone. Instead of making friends, I successfully attracted several bullies. The library became my sanctuary. I was able to escape into books and do so in a place where I felt safe and free from judgment.

Eventually, I got away from the bullies, but the attachment to books remained. After earning a BA in Anthropology from the University of Mary Washington, I experienced a serious amount of What Now?! panic, before realizing that if I was going to spend all my free time in the library, I should probably get paid for it. I earned my MLIS from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, and returned to Fredericksburg to begin working for the CRRL. I had a brief stint as a Children’s Librarian and now work as a Teen Specialist, hoping to help kids like me find what they need in the library.

I gravitate towards realistic Teen fiction and LGBTQ fiction/nonfiction, though I’m always game to read about the end of the world in dystopias and Sci-Fi. I enjoy narrative nonfiction, particularly science and psychology, as well as books on self-improvement and personal finance.

My Librarian: Annie

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