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About Christine

My life with books began early, not surprisingly. My family was dedicated to them in many ways. I grew up with a big sister who read at an early age, no TV in the house, and a stay at home dad who took us on errands everywhere. We quickly learned to bring a stack of books anytime we hopped in the car! Even my mother, who would come home late from work, always made time to read each of us our own bedtime story.

In my hometown, it was safe for us to walk and bike around alone so we spent hours at the local public library. I would come home throughout the summer with a backpack full of books, read away the hot afternoon, then head back the very next day for more. It goes without saying that I loved the Summer Reading Club! Every time we had Career Day at school, I wrote about my dream of becoming a librarian.

Fast forward a couple decades. After teaching elementary children for 9 years, I earned my Masters in Library Science, falling in love with young adult literature in particular. After 8 years as a teen specialist with CRRL, and then managing a Youth Services department, I became the Branch Manager at the Spotsylvania Towne Centre, where I’m now also head of Adult Services. Talk about a turnaround! From children’s to young adult (YA) to adult, I enjoy reading literature of all types and in all formats. Reading either takes me away from my troubles, or gives me advice on how to live with them, so I’m grateful for the amazing collection here at CRRL. I particularly love audiobooks (yes, they count as reading!) and nonfiction, especially biographies, personal development, cooking, and healthy living/plant-based. I still gravitate towards YA fiction though, so if a great dystopian, verse or realistic fiction passes my way, it’s sure to end up on my nightstand!